DemoMELA is based on MELA2016. Upload MELA command files or type the commands in Enter MELA commands section. Run MELA and Download Excel files to your computer. See DemoMELA sheet and MELA manual for details. Note! Max 4 simultaneous MELA simulations allowed. If you need more, please contact via email.
DemoMELA sheet MELA manual MELA Mail

Message: Welcome to DemoMELA session. Your session will last until you clear your browser history or Quit/Exit your browser completely. You have Tooltip help for further assistance.

Available forest resources: K001_037, K038_100, K101_153, K154_182, K183_231 See documentation.
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Select one for edit.
Additional parameter files will appear in the Available parameter files section. They will be removed when the session expires.
Upload MELA command files: File contents will appear in Enter MELA commands section. At least one simulation is needed in a session. Note! Simulation and Optimization should use the same SUMTABLE*.PAR file.
Simulation Optimization
Enter MELA commands: Clearing simulation commands will prevent unnecessarily repeated simulations.

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